Renovate Bathrooms Right for Maximum Value

       Bathroom renovations are popular among homeowners. And homeowners have numerous reasons for renovating their bathrooms. Some renovate for comfort and lifestyle. Others upgrade their bathrooms when they list it to sell. Then there are those homeowners who decide to remodel their bathrooms for practical reasons in order to maintain their property.  

       No matter your reason, there are three things that are true across the board:

  1.  Bathroom renovations, when done right, provide the biggest return on investment when it comes to home improvement projects
  2.  Secondly, the quality of the work and quality of materials used will determine that return on investment
  3.  Finally, you must hire a professional home renovation contractor with a track-record of delivering high-quality work to assure you maximize your return on investment

 bathroom renovations

       Because a bathroom renovation provides so much value, this is a room you should definitely remodel or upgrade when putting your home up for sale. Even an inexpensive makeover, when done right, can make your home more attractive to buyers. The simple fact is that homebuyers want to see bathrooms that are up-to-date. They also do not want to end up with a home improvement project once they close the deal.

       Here’s a few bathroom renovation tips to consider if you are listing your home for sale.

  • Updating your bathroom fixtures is an inexpensive place to start.
  • You might want to take that a step further and add a completely new tub installation or sink installation
  • A bathroom backsplash is also a nice touch that catches homebuyers eyes without breaking your budget
  • A fresh coat of paint, removing old caulk and adding fresh caulk can also make quite an impression as well. But remember this about paint colors, go with a neutral color when you are remodeling with the purpose of selling your home.

       Do you want to add a few new comforts and stylish additions to your home even if you are not listing it for sale?  
       Once again, the bathroom is the perfect room to start. Whether you decide to do a complete bathroom remodel or just want to add some new design elements, the work you do will increase the equity in your home.

       For a luxury bathroom renovation, consider installing custom-designed, decorative wall tiles, a hand-crafted marble countertop or heated floors. It’s okay to splurge and create the bathroom of your dreams because you are adding value to your home in the process.

marble bathroom remodeling

      The most important decisions you will make as you move forward with a bathroom renovation is your choice of a professional contractor and your decision to use only high-quality materials.

      If you try to do the project yourself or hire a contractor with a less than stellar track record, you can end up with a lot of headaches, poor craftsmanship and not seeing a return on your investment.
      Choosing inferior materials will also cause problems in the long-term and does not help increase the value of your home.
      Investing the time to find the best home renovation contractor and investing the money on the best materials available is the smart move. Doing those two things will maximize your return on investment, give you a bathroom homebuyers fight over, or provide you with the bathroom of your dreams.
      If you would like to learn more about bathroom renovations, contact the home renovation specialists at Stone Trend. They will help you protect and add value to your biggest asset – your home.

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